Our team consists of professionals with experience and triumphs in contract negotiations, marketing, branding, public relations and advising.


Shelly Ellison – PARTNER/AGENT

Virginia Tech Hokie football Alumni and professional football player (NFL & AFL). Involved in the business of sports on the amateur and professional level for several years. Specializes in contract negotiation with a combination of project management, CEO, CFO and Sports Agent experience helps assist clients with making the correct choice and decision to accomplish goals.





Morgan State University Sports Management graduate and four year varsity letterman and professional football (AFL) experience. Experienced Realtor with over twenty three years of Real Estate knowledge with an understanding of contract negotiation, purchase price, market and resell value.




Jeremiah Garcia – CBO

Former Healthcare executive with over twenty years of operational experience to include marketing and promotions. Specializes with website design, graphic design, content engraving and overall brand exposure.  Involved with developing, training and conditioning professional athletes to reach peak performance levels.




Leonard Stephens – Trainer

After graduating from Howard University, Leonard began his NFL career with the San Diego Chargers.  Unfortunate and ill-timed injuries prevented Leonard from making the Chargers and playing in the NFL for two consecutive seasons.  He spent those two years working on Wall Street as an Investment Banking Financial Analyst.  After continued training and faith, Leonard got an opportunity to play with the Washington Redskins in the spring of 2002 and went on to play with the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans.  Over his six year NFL career,  Leonard has played with current and future Hall of Famers and perennial Pro-Bowlers, as well as being coached by future Hall of Famers.  Some of those individuals include Darryl Green, Marcus Pollard, Ben Coates, Joe Gibbs, Joe Bugel, and Mike Holmgren.